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  • Consumer Electronics, Retail Solutions, Leisure, Sport

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Internet Of Things & M2M Software Development

Who are we ?

  • Product Development Consultancy in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

What services we provide ?

  • Software and Hardware and System Architecture, Software Development Services, Project Management Services.
  • We cover product and software development in all industry verticals to name the few; automotive, transport, building, consumer electronics, mining, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, power generation, sustainable energy generation, payment systems, gaming.
  • We provide competent advice, optimal and high quality end to end product and software solutions and cover Internet Of Things (IoT), Machine to Machine Solutions (M2M), Embedded Solutions, Mobile, Desktop or Cloud based end to end.
  • We cover all computing hardware, software platforms, programming languages to name the few. Embedded, Arm, Low Power, BlueTooth, Low Power, Telemetry, Linux, Arm, Android, iOS, Beaglebone, Raspberry PI, Test, Jig, C, C++, Java, C#, .NET, HTML5, PHP, HTML, JS, System Development, Video, Audio, Security, Access Control, etc.
  • We provide engineering services to well established companies and individuals whenever there is a need to update or re-engineer existing products, or build new product from concept to prototype to manufacturing and deployment.