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  • Zoho Charges Ahead with 50 Million Business Users
    Zoho Corporation, a global, privately held company that offers the most comprehensive suite of business software applications in the industry, is thrilled to announce another historic milestone for the company: 50 million business users. This news comes at a time when Zoho is growing considerably. The company now has 10 data centers around the globe, [...]
  • QuickBooks Brings AI-Driven Innovations to Small Businesses
    Intuit Inc. (Nasdaq: INTU) has announced new product innovations designed to leverage the latest in artificial intelligence (AI), bringing technology typically reserved for the world’s biggest companies directly to small businesses. Being part of QuickBooks now means being part of the growth of one of the most advanced AI-driven, expert small business financial platforms in [...]
  • Resurgence of 16:10 Aspect Ratio Laptop Computers to Occupy 2% Share of Non-Apple Market in 2020, Says TrendForce
    The gradual technical maturation of narrow bezels means a higher screen-to-body ratio and wider, thinner laptops. With this change in the physical appearance of laptops, manufacturers are once again looking to incorporate panels with a 16:10 aspect ratio. Despite Apple’s longstanding adoption of 16:10 and the aspect ratio’s once-popularity in Windows laptops, global market intelligence [...]
  • Technology Services Industry Association Recognizes Fuze for Customer Service Excellence
    Fuze, the leading cloud communications platform provider for the modern global enterprise, has announced it has achieved its status as a Certified Support Staff Excellence Center by the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA), meeting its rigorous standards for the third year in a row. This year, Fuze demonstrated measurable improvements to the customer support experience, [...]
  • Restaurant Technologies Acquires Grease LockTM Disposable Filter Pads
    Restaurant Technologies, the country’s leading provider of cooking oil management and grease management solutions, announced the acquisition of a new product: Grease LockTM, disposable grease filter pads that simplify hood maintenance and help increase fire safety in commercial kitchens. “Grease LockTM filter pads are effective at trapping grease and are easy to use, which makes [...]

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